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Nights+Weekends is a project founded by Megan Campbell Smith to provide affordable, right-sized advice and resources for solo entrepreneurs. Megan has 15 years of experience launching creative ventures in biotech, software, health, media and the social sector.

As a startup advisor, Megan's style is hands-on. She's a player-coach who brings expertise in design, communications, digital technologies, business strategy and performance to build and launch sustainable ventures. She's here for the long term, helping you find your long-tail revenue streams and scalable, repeatable business practices so you can thrive in the global digital economy.

Consulting services are priced, on average, at $60/hour. Founders can save 15% by subscribing to a weekly Cofounder Plan. No equity position is required to work with Nights + Weekends. Scholarships are sometimes available.

Call Megan at (859) 797-1261 to schedule an appointment.


  • Business design

  • Business development

  • Strategy

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Service

  • Digitalization


Multispecialty Startup Expertise

Nights + Weekends grew out of 20 years of pulling all-nighters with cofounders, family and friends bringing brilliant ideas to life. Megan's multispecialty practice developed organically under the constant demands of startup life to launch, pivot and grow. 



Startup advisor for STEM and social sector startups. Delivered Top 10% industry performance. 100% contract success rate. Got clients international media coverage. (The Stella Parallax Consultancy, 2014-2018) 

Implemented four marketing automation platforms for Fortune 100 healthcare company. Led change management with internal and external partners, saving client $2MM. (RR Donnelley, 2016-2018)

Co-founder, digital publisher and creative director of MD Update magazine. Delivered marketing programs for healthcare innovators in the US and abroad. Delivered >10X ROI on event, email and content campaigns. (MD Update, 2007-2016) 

Founder of platform-powered, boutique travel experience company offering authentic bluegrass experiences. (Cane Manor, 2010-2016)

Architect of Ky, courthouses. Digitalized documentation processes for remote, cross-functional teams. (DLZ, 2006-2009)

Founder of design firm specializing in architectural interventions in historic homes. (Home Arts Workshop, 2004-2006)



MBA, University of Louisville
BArch, University of Kentucky
Fellowship, Journalism, CUNY



Law STEM Aging Media Design Fine Art Software Consulting Healthcare Hospitality Construction Social Sector Professional Services

20% lean / 80% practical

Business designbusiness model ideation + prototyping, Strategy management, Performance reporting, Employee engagement, lean Change management, Capability building, Project management, Team effectiveness, Collaboration. 

Customer experienceHuman-centered design, service design, product design, Process design, Platform implementation, Self-service, CRO, User on-boarding, Customer support, Issue resolution, Training, Knowledge sharing.

MarketingGo-to-market strategy, customer discovery, Digital marketing, product marketing, Content, Social media, Email, Events, Sponsorships, PR, Media, Sales, Advertising, Analytics.


Client feedback

Megan was wonderful to work with, her writing was fantastic, and she made the process extremely painless for us. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for professional, timely writing.
— Nadine, Healthcare SaaS Marketing Director
Our experience with Megan was absolutely first rate! She brings an extraordinarily broad skill set and is a constant fountain of creativity. I’ve already hired her again on another project and look forward to a long collaborative relationship with her!
— Ozzie, Startup Advisor & Entrepreneur
Professional, hard working and experienced.
— Ronan, Civil Engineer & Entrepreneur
Megan went above and beyond on this project. She also showed utmost flexibility with scheduling, which I truly appreciated. Highly recommended.
— Margaret, Healthcare SaaS Account Manager
The initial reason I chose Megan from 25+ (often cheaper) applicants to help with our startup company’s business planning and marketing, was her ability to articulate how she would help solve the problems our company faced.

Megan used her skills in high-level business planning and strategy, marketing and design in conjunction with her experience working with the construction industry to help me achieve my goals as a director. Her ability to see things I had not, and her willingness to use and share her formidable skill set, were the key traits that I was most impressed with. I will be hiring Megan again shortly.
— Jack, Roofing Innovator & Entrepreneur
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