N+W is comfort-sized help for startups.


Nights + Weekends

Nights + Weekends is a business development workshop for entrepreneurs, makers, artisans and innovators.

How does N+W work?

Nights + Weekends is a unique way to build your startup in a supportive, collaborative community. Members are creative and innovative entrepreneurs who use structured online workshops to make their business ideas a reality. N+W workshops align with industry types and business needs, so you can work on your business while you prospect for new work.

At N+W, we follow a common business cycle for every new business idea or endeavor. Our business cycle involves 7 active steps and can take as long or as short as you need to complete it:

  1. Join a workshop.

  2. Give and get help.

  3. Build new capabilities.

  4. Connect with funders.

  5. Track performance.

  6. Validate ideas.

  7. Grow.


N+W connects you with likeminded entrepreneurs whose complementary skills and capabilities help you build and validate business ideas quickly. 


Support services for entrepreneurs

Nights + Weekends is a social business planning platform, open 24/7, for people who want to launch and validate new business ideas.

You’ve heard the adage “You can’t do it alone,” but until N+W, no organization had stepped up to meet the needs of solo-entrepreneurs and business owners isolated from traditional modes of business development. We are here to bring business development to everyone and offer three active ways to build your business:

  • Business Development Workshops

  • Business Planning Resources

  • Virtual Business Community.

N+W is great for any idea in any industry. We have members using N+W to validate new ventures in art, food, HR, software, healthcare, social services, law, nonprofits and more. Our founders form a diverse community of collaborators who can help you develop your idea and get you to your next business milestone.

What’s more, we are always on the lookout for funders eager to invest in your ideas! With reverse pitches, demo days, AMAs and meetups, we want to help you show off the great work you’ve done building and validating your business ideas.

Funding Partners